Agile Trainer / ScrumMaster / Consultant

Huidige positie:
Software Developer & ScrumMaster
Gewenste positie:
Agile Trainer / ScrumMaster / Consultant
Werk- en denkniveau:
Aantal jaren werkervaring:
15 jaar
Since 2006 the candidate has operated in multiple Scrum teams, as developer or as ScrumMaster, and has more recently coached an R&D team to start using Agile methods (in this case Scrum). He is a result-driven person with a very open and approachable personality. Since the beginning of 2011, he is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). As such, he has developed and given a Scrum Awareness training for his former employer and colleagues. He is very appreciative of the interactions that occur during such trainings.

The candidate is an experienced Software Developer who has been active in the field of Software Engineering for over 15 years. He has extensive knowledge of C and C++, but doesn't shy away from other languages like Python or Java. He knows multiple methods and techniques, like OO (Object Orientation) and UML.

His vision is to extend his Agile experience, e.g., by getting the Certified Scrum Product Ownership (CSPO) and subsequently achieving a Scrum Professional certification. He wants to help companies and teams to achieve a higher productivity, but also to make working in IT fun (again)!

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