Financial manager, authentic with extensive people skills

Huidige positie:
Manager Transaction Services
Gewenste positie:
Finance Manager/ CFO/ Senior Business Controller
Werk- en denkniveau:
Aantal jaren werkervaring:
8 jaar
With my unique combination of extensive financials skills, high level of enthusiasm and focus on people I can make the difference. Others say I am very authentic. With my original ideas, ability to make decisions and voicing my opinion, teams I lead tell me I inspire them.

Working as a (Big Four) consultant for more than eight years, of which three years within advisory/transaction services and five years as a certified public auditor (RA), I have gained extensive financial experience. Together with my strong people skills this results in a high competence manager. My teams consider me an inspiring leader. My strong communication and people skills make me a relationship builder, as recognised by my superiors.

I am a very enthusiastic, socially involved person, who loves travelling and (sportive) challenges. I took six months unpaid leave to set up micro finances to low income families in Indonesia.

My goal is to use my (financial) knowledge within a socially involved company and/or a company who delivers innovative and sustainable services.

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