Operations Manager

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Operations Manager
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Operations Manager
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20 jaar
Candidate is a seasoned professional; well educated; senior, strong performance; has considerable experience in reporting on past, present and future in operations within large enterprises (eg. Telco, IT).

Candidate has management experience, used to report into management – quartely reviews; used to running projects on improvement of processes; solid international experience.

His own profile:

This is what I do
I help organizations to determine & manage their supply chain, logistic and financials goals, create tooling for forecasting & structure planning from start to finish while enable to measure progress and results in between. Goals can be set on all levels from strategy to practical solutions and working practices and includes sales, revenue, products, specifications, bill of material, routing, resources, systems, finance, budgets, margin, profit, cost, cash flow, accruals, business cases, standards, processes, methodology and key- parameters.

With my extensive Supply Chain & Financial expertise I provide guidance and insight which will allow organizations to manage the chain and maximize turnover and profit. I have a systematic approach; there is no flexibility without structure!

This is why I do it
Organizations sell a product or a service to make a profit. These products and services consist of raw material, parts & deliverables and are required by the grace of a demand. Each of these components have a DNA. If you are able to read the DNA and understand you can influence it and understand it’s effect; you are able to predict & manage the availability of each component at required quality level and in a timely, profitable & cost effective manner.

Providing a product or service is not always something you can do by yourselves; there is a whole chain of people, functionalities and organizations involved to make it happen. Each with their own knowledge and expertise. From Making or Buying, Cost & Margin, Production or Assembly, Raw Material or Components, Bill of Material and Routing, from Throughput-time to Turnover Rate and from Storage to Delivery. It involves several management layers and translation from Strategic Vision to Working Practices for the field.

My focus is not only the goal but also the road we travel to get to it in which we expect high quality input from all participants to maximize results. Managing the chain is part of my personal DNA, I like it and it gives me energy!

This is how I do it
I thrive for results, put things in the broader perspective, provide a road-map, think conceptual, determine manageable chunks, operate in a systematic style, am persistent in the face of repeating challenges to meet the desired goals, observe, measure, ask questions, listen, think out of the box, can be functionally annoying, come up with solutions and get people moving.
To me, managing the chain means knowing your contributors, both internal- & external suppliers, provide them clear guidance on expected output & time-line, understand the product, pricing & process, define standards, specs & routing, measure the key-parameters in between and continuously monitor the outcome in order to maximize results. It is also about knowing the demand, understanding your customers, anticipate to their needs, be clear on the deliverable to expect, keep the customer informed, and stick to your promises.

My key words are: determined, professional, experienced, consistent, broad perspective, flexible, accurate, direct, analytic, honest, business savvy, fun, enthusiast, pragmatic.

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