Senior Marketing Manager sales driven with hands-on mentality

Huidige positie:
International Field Marketing Manager
Gewenste positie:
International Senior Marketing Manager
Werk- en denkniveau:
Aantal jaren werkervaring:
15 jaar
Candidate is a robust, outgoing, direct and keen strategist with 15+ year experience in the ICT BtB business of hardware, software and managed services. Candidate is a strong leader who has a strategic view and set clear expectations and objectives. His leadership style enables creativity, enthusiasm and efficiency to meet goals and objectives in a cohesive way. With his keen analytical abilities and good strategic thinking, candidate can always find the pragmatic rationale for getting things done.

Open-minded, curious and insightful, the candidate has excellent long-range vision. He is able to turn vision into a reality. He will introduce sales colleagues/executives to all sort of possibilities which challenge convention to generate leads or create awareness and thought leadership. He is a strong team builder and communicator. He is noted for his innate ability to inspire and encourage others around him and exhibits excellent interpersonal skills. He gets a constant infusion of energy from being around other energetic people, and can successfully combine his talents with the strengths of others in an international virtual environment. Especially in a complex business focused and demanding environment.

Candidate finds problems stimulating and is ingenious in tackling complex situations and he translate this into tangible territory marketing strategies and segmented execution for demand and lead generation. (Field Marketing programs, Channel Marketing, Marketing Communications and PR).

Candidate has a strong proven (international) tracking record for end-user and channel marketing activities with a successful ROI.

In his spare time he likes running, swimming, cooking, gardening and traveling and spends as much time as he can with his family and friends.
94K euro based on a 90/10 split with bonus and employee benefits

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