Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Global (SJAA.009)

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The CFO is at a global basis responsible for the administrative organization, managerial and statutory reporting, financing and cash management, statutory requirements (IFRS), management of investment and working capital, tax, insurance, legal and ICT.

The CFO demonstrates thought leadership based on a deep understanding of customers’ business drivers. It is important to translate the business strategy in a finance strategy and an effective ICT strategy (not just transactional, but especially also managerial, management information, knowledge exchange, integration of partners etc).

He/she manages and influences the management team to successfully address the financial and ICT needs. He/she shows leadership and direction to the cross-functional virtual team and an ability to unify the virtual team around common goals.

  • Academic and Post Academic degree 
  • Minimum 15 years of relevant experience (preferably in Industry)
  • Experienced to work as finance sparring partner in various (international) management team roles
  • Strong and proven track record in:
    • Financial management in a worldwide organization in all aspects relevant for the job description
    • Working with higher level management teams and/or boards
    • Establishing and implementing effective ICT solutions.
  • Personal characteristics
    • Sharp, to the point, attention for the relevant details
    • Strategic yet hands on
    • Able to reduce complexity to its simple core
    • Integer: Do as you say and say as you do
    • Creative: seeing the opportunities without losing sight of the risks and therefore also pro-active and not a No-sayer
    • Persistent but not stubborn
  • Fluent in English

Innovative company
Excellent remunerations